Monday, May 30, 2011

Alaska Trip Wrap Up & Crew Photos

Whether you’ve read my recaps or just looked at my photos, I’m sure you can tell that we had a fabulous trip! Every time I have explored a new place, it has impacted my life. I have to say, though, that I don’t think a trip has ever affected me quite so much as this one did. The passengers and crew on the Safari Quest were a large part of that, so I wanted to post one last wrap up post to thank the crew and my fellow passengers for the wonderful week.

Here are some photos of the crew taken throughout the week by Karl and other crew members.

Sean, the Captain of the Safari Quest

Dirk, the Safari Quest's Engineer, and Sean

Dirk riding to the rescue on his unicycle!

Karl, our expedition leader aboard the Safari Quest, out in a kayak

Karl carrying Mom across a river so her shoes wouldn't get wet

Denee, the Safari Quest's first mate (and our skiff driver for many of our adventures!), on the bridge

Denee on the back deck

Alexandra, the Safari Quest's pastry chef & Bob, the Safari Quest's chef in the galley

Alexandra constructing her fabulous Glacier Cake

Sarah, the Safari Quest's hotel manager, Angela, a steward aboard the Quest, and Brittany, a steward aboard the Quest

Angela & Brittany at the bar in the lounge

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