Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alaska Trip: Day 9

Still miss being out on the water on the Quest, but today was a good day!  We had a wonderful Jeep Tour today with our guide Molly.  Mom and I were the only 2 who signed up, so we had our own personal tour!  I am so glad we went because we got to see a lot more of Juneau (both in Downtown and “out the road”).  We had learned from the narrative in the seaplane the day before and from our guide Molly that though there are roads in Juneau, the only way out of Juneau is by boat or plane!

We made a few different stops along the way and of course I took photos when I could.  We had great visits to the Shrine of St. Therese (where we almost interrupted a wedding and also saw a whale off shore), the University of Alaska-Southeast, and a private area with a local ranger stations where we walked up to the reversible falls for a local salt chuck (containing both salt and fresh water).  We ended the tour at a salmon hatchery for a brief visit.

Photos below and as always click to enlarge!

Juneau-Douglas City Museum

Alaska Fisherman's Building

Totems on campus at University of Alaska- Southeast 

Chapel at Shrine of St. Therese

Near the chapel at Shrine of St. Therese

Pillar for lights at entrance to island with chapel

Labyrinth at Shrine for St. Therese

Reversible falls at Salt Chuck

Hollow tree stumps

Entrance to Salmon Hatchery in Juneau

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