Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alaska Trip: Some Videos

I finally have gone through my videos and here are some of them (though most aren't very good). I'm not sure how well this will work as this is my first time using the camera and uploading the videos.

I apologize in advance for the shakiness and for any background noises/commentary that doesn't really apply to the video itself.  Click on the 4 arrows at the bottom right corner to view any of the videos full screen.

Humpback Whale

Quick Look around Margerie & Grand Pacific Glaciers

First attempt at a 360 degree view in skiff out by glacier

View of Margerie Glacier with some info in the background (if you can hear it)

Cracking Glacier & info on height of glacier in background

Different perspective of Margerie Glacier as we're returning to the Quest

Margerie Glacier Calving 
Nowhere near as amazing as in person-- it's a bit hard to see on this video-- look towards the far right of the glacier.  You can spot the splash of it falling in the water easier probably
Oh, and pardon our excited exclamations :-)

The brown spot moving along the beach is a brown bear spotted as we were leaving the Margerie & Grand Pacific Glaciers

Bear on beach at Tidal Inlet

Bear wrestling a stick

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