Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day Off to Explore Salem!

Jogging Path near Willamette

Rest Stop between Salem & Eugene

Today Summer had a day off before the discus finals and I had some free time to explore Salem where I was staying while Summer was training.  I made a mental note the day before to get some photos of a river just next to my hotel and I decided to stop and get some while the weather cooperated (it rained most of the morning).  I was so glad I decided to explore a bit because I ended up discovering so much more than I expected!  There is a beautiful area behind an office complex and a University of Phoenix campus. If I worked there, I'd eat outside every day I could to enjoy the view!

Then I drove around a bit and stopped at a park near Willamette University and took some photos.  I also stopped and took a photo of a rest stop on my way down to Eugene to meet Summer and Robert for dinner.  The rest stops in Oregon are much more scenic than those in California and Oregon that I've visited.

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