Thursday, January 15, 2009

At the Car Wash!

I left work too late to take the picture I had planned on for today which was my recycling bin at the curb since it's recycling day. I could have taken it before work, but as usual, I was running out the door to make my meeting on time this morning, so it just didn't happen. There will be other recycling days...

But that left me without a photo and once again unsure of what to do since I prefer taking daytime pictures because it's my comfort zone. I'd love to take more night pictures, especially of the moon, but it's harder for me and I really need a much better telephoto lens for that. I tried to improvise a tripod once, but it wasn't quite right without the lens. I do finally have a tripod thanks to my mom, but I haven't really played around with it much.

Anyway, as I was driving home from Goodwill (where I was shopping for books), I saw this sign and knew this was my photo for the day. It took some maneuvering because of course I was in the wrong lane to pull over, but I got the shot in the end. I'm becoming better at night shots and better with my digital point and shoot camera which is great. This project is really paying off!


  1. Are all of these shots from a point and shoot camera? You could have fooled me, they look absolutely stunning! I like your photos and I was o wondering if it's ok with you if I link to your 365 blog on my 365 blog and vice versa to help keep me going on all 365 days. E-mail me back if that's ok,

    Once again, nice stuff so far. Keep it up!

  2. I answered Frank by email, but figured I would post the answer to his question about the point and shoot here as well in case anyone else stops by and has the same question!

    Not all of the photos are from the point and shoot. So far, 10 of the 15 are from the point and shoot, though! If I can, I use my DSLR, but it's often hard to carry with me everywhere I go. Also, I usually get better night shots with the point and shoot (though I did use the DSLR for the In N Out sign). My point and shoot has higher resolution than my DSLR because it's newer, and it is a pretty nice point and shoot camera. It has manual controls, but I get frustrated with them because they aren't as easy to use as my DSLR (especially the manual focus!)

    I'm definitely glad I'm using the point and shoot more though because I am slowly getting more comfortable with it.