Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Tree Memories

When I was growing up, we always picked out and then cut our own Christmas tree from the Pinery Christmas Tree lot near our house. It's been years since there were trees to cut down, but we still get our tree from the same lot. In the last few years, though, my parents usually get the tree on their own because of timing. This year we decided to bring back the tradition and we all went together to get the tree. We ended up with 2 (one for our usual tree and one for on top of the piano). Lots of fun for Joelle (my parents kitten)!

Also, I couldn't resist posting multiple photos today as you may have noticed. This dog is one that lives at the pinery. According to the people who work there, this is one of his favorite spots!

And finally, here is one of Joelle, my parents' new kitten.

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